Whether Bacteria, plants, humans or other animals - aliens welcome! Open to all species.

Our interactive exhibition invites you to explore our ALIEN universe! Take a look at the projects of contributing artists Solmaz Farhang, Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Ege Kökel, Lena Violetta Leitner and Andrea Palašti through different lenses of observation.

In THE OPINION scientists from different fields will interpret the artworks through their viewpoints.

THE HISTORY will give you a taste of the historic contexts behind the projects.

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THE WRITER gives glimpses into the rather text based inspirations and interpretations of the artworks while ANOTHER ANIMAL invites you into a playful jungle of fun and side facts.

Visit THE VISITOR - an interactive space to have no chat with Emil, share your multispecies moment or vote on the deportation of migrated plants!

May I introduce: Alien! Whether Bacteria, plants, humans or other animals - all aliens welcome!